What Happens If You Squat 100 Times Every Day?


If you ask any trainer why squats are needed, they will tell you that squats are a natural and basic exercise that does not require special skills, during which several muscle groups work simultaneously. Squats are a great way to keep your lower body (glutes and legs) toned and gain additional muscle mass without the need for additional equipment. They have rehabilitation and restorative properties, so nothing is surprising in the fact that squats are present in almost any fitness complex.

What happens if you squat 100 times every day? How will this affect the body, mind and self-discipline? We’ll find out now.

Keep in mind that squats will only be beneficial if done correctly!

Different muscle groups are strengthened

If you squat every day 100 times

Thinking that only the muscles of the thighs and buttocks work during squats? You’re wrong! Squatting 100 times every day will pump up your calf, lumbar, abdominal, neck and upper back muscles!

Squats not only strengthen muscles, but also have a positive effect on muscle gain. Those people who are dissatisfied with their appearance and want to become the owners of a more prominent and proportional body, but do not have the opportunity to visit the gym or spend money to have a professional trainer develop a training program for them, you should definitely pay attention to such a simple and easy exercise like a daily squat.

Take some time to do this exercise, and after a while you will be surprised to notice that your muscles have become stronger, and your body has acquired a more attractive and presentable appearance! One and a half to two months after the start of classes, the external and internal muscles of the thighs will noticeably pump up and tighten, the legs of men will become more prominent, and the hips of women will acquire a more rounded and clear line.

The butt becomes more rounded and taut

Girls who practice daily squats note that within 2-3 weeks after the start of training, their buttocks have become more elastic, rounded, toned, and attractive. This is not surprising, because squats help strengthen the gluteal muscles.

If you dream of becoming the owner of an ideal priest, then do not be lazy and do not feel sorry for yourself! All you need to get your butt is like a nut is 100 squats every day!

Dreaming of better results for your waist and buttocks? Then gradually increase the number of squats to 200-250 repetitions per day and squat with dumbbells or any other weights.

Extra pounds disappear quickly and efficiently

During squats, many muscle groups are actively working. The more muscles in your body are toned, the faster your body burns calories and begins to lose excess weight. Losing weight is also facilitated by the fact that during squats, the metabolic processes occurring in the body are significantly accelerated, and the body itself is actively saturated with oxygen.

If your weight is 78-82 kg, then intense squats (100 times in 5-7 minutes) will help you easily burn 42-48 calories. If you want to achieve more stunning results, then using dumbbells or any other weight-bearing apparatus, you can burn up to 210-420 calories at a time! That is why everyday squats are simply necessary for those people who want to put their bodies in order and are actively fighting overweight.

Many girls are interested in the answer to the question of whether it is possible to lose weight without exhausting your body with hours of training. If you want to quickly and effectively lose weight, but you do not have the time, desire, or opportunity to systematically visit the gym, then daily squats are exactly what you need!

But do not forget that the results will be noticeable only if you combine daily squats with proper nutrition. This is the only way you can reduce your waist by a few centimeters and get rid of 2-5 kilograms of excess weight.

Self-esteem rises

If you do squats every day, you will quickly and effortlessly get your body into shape. And a person with a beautiful and fit body always arouses sympathy among the people around him. 

Knowing that you are in good physical shape and everything is in order with self-discipline, you can increase the level of your self-esteem, become a more self-confident and self-confident person who knows how to make the right decisions, and is not afraid to express your point of view.

Therefore, squats have a positive effect not only on physical but also on mental health. Do you want to increase your self-esteem and your level of stress tolerance? Then do not be lazy to squat 100 times every day!

Reduces the risk of sports injuries

If you plan to sign up for a gym and regularly attend it, then you need to remember that the intense physical activity that your body will be subjected to there can negatively affect the condition of the joints and ligaments. 

Squatting every day can help reduce the risk of sports injuries by making your lower body muscles better prepared for this kind of stress.

Squats are excellent prevention of sports injuries. Performing 100 or more squats daily, you strengthen the abs, ankles, knees, muscles of the back and legs, improve the condition of joints and ligaments.

The body receives an additional boost of energy

During the exercise, you will feel like you have run a marathon: you will start to sweat, have difficulty breathing and curse the day you decided that squats are exactly what is worth wasting your precious time every day.

But after a while after completing 100 repetitions, you will feel a surge of vivacity and energy. That is why experts recommend squatting not in the evening or before bedtime, but in the morning, because there is a busy day ahead, so you will definitely need additional energy.

The level of performance is increasing

Everyday squats not only give an additional charge of energy, but also have a beneficial effect on the work of the brain, since during the exercise its cells and blood vessels are actively saturated with oxygen. 

As a result, a person who squats 100 or more times every day becomes more focused and alert, and their level of working capacity is significantly increased.

Strengthens the heart muscle

After doing 100 squats, you will not only feel more invigorated but also strengthen the heart muscle. Beginners might ask a reasonable question: “How are squats and heart-related?” In fact, everything is very logical and very simple!

Squats are part of many fitness programs, including cardio workouts. During squats, the tone of the heart muscle, like the tone of many other muscles, is significantly increased, and the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart is significantly improved. The heart muscle actively responds to intense stress and strengthens.

Improves blood circulation

Squats have a positive effect on overall health, but they are especially beneficial for the cardiovascular system. During the daily squatting, venous circulation in the lower body is noticeably improved.

If you have certain circulatory problems, then be sure to try daily squats. But before starting classes, do not forget to consult with a specialist!

It should be noted that daily squats have a positive effect not only on blood circulation but also on the work of the respiratory and nervous systems.

Posture becomes more beautiful and even

The muscles of the lower back, upper back, and neck are responsible for an even and beautiful posture. Squatting 100 times every day will not only strengthen these muscle groups but also improve your posture.

In order for squats to have a positive effect on posture while doing them, you need to monitor the position of the back. Therefore, keep your back as straight as possible!

Endurance level increases

Daily squats have a positive effect on endurance levels and significantly increase them. Squatting 100 times daily will help you develop hip extension strength. 

Therefore, do not be surprised when one fine moment you notice that when making a jump, it becomes much easier and easier for you to push off the ground, and after running for long distances, everything is in order with your breathing and you do not feel as if the end of the world has come. !

Squats will help improve not only your endurance but also your overall athletic performance. This is very important if you plan to play sports professionally in the near future.

Improves flexibility and coordination

Squatting every day improves flexibility. During the exercise, the load on the joints that are actively working is evenly distributed. After a while after the start of classes, you will forget about what a crunch in the joints is, and your body will become more flexible and supple.

If earlier you had to bend into three deaths in order to pick up a fallen object from the floor, now you will not have any difficulties with this. Why? Because squats not only improve flexibility but also have a positive effect on your coordination.

Self-discipline increases

Squatting 100 times daily will increase your self-discipline. At first, you will have to force yourself to do squats, but every day it will become easier and easier to practice this exercise. And after a while, you will be surprised to notice that you are already looking forward to the next day to do your favorite squats.

Since it is impossible to achieve any results without willpower and discipline, it is very important that these personal characteristics are at the proper level. Squats will not only change your body but also make you a more responsible and disciplined person.


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